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A: That you can request a WealthBuilder Webinar through your Manager.
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Everyday, more and more tax and financial professionals are turning to WealthBuilderTM as the simple and secure solution to their clients' cash flow, retirement planning and tax concerns. With WealthBuilderTM, your client may structure the receipt of proceeds from the sale of qualifying property for up to 30 years while self-directing the pre-tax sale proceeds to achieve market rates of return.

WealthBuilderTM is easy to explain, easy to close and easy to administer. Contact your WealthBuilder Representative right away!

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  • Extraordinary benefits are right around the corner.
  • Give new meaning to "value added" for your client.
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  • Add millions to your advisory fee base

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    WealthBuilderTM is a remarkable tool for your clients. Don't delay in finding out how you can help your client manage cashflows while defering taxes for up to 30 years in a simple and secure transaction.