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WealthBuilder Receivables Program Success Story

Asset Type: Receivables
Eye doctor selling monthly receivables. Doctor had excess billings the collection of which were not required in the day to day management of his business and desired to build a retirement fund.

Purchase Price:       $900,000 over 5 years ($15,000 * 60 months)
Basis:                      0
Tax Rate For Client: 39.6%
Distribution Schedule: No payments for the first 10 years. Then begining in year 11 Amortized payments through year 30
WealthBuilderTM Cash: $14,250 / monthly vs. $9,060 / monthly outside the WealthBuilderTM Program.

That is a WealthBuilderTM Advantage of $5,190 per month! That is an advantage of $1.12 M during the entire term!

 Article Highlights  
  • 1st Objective: Income Replacement
  • 2nd Objective: Retirement Planning
  • 3rd Objective: Tax Management
  • $1.12 Million Advantage